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LRB is a business journey that is part of our DNA. In these five years we have cried, we have celebrated. Let me explain what makes us better compared to other companies.

Who We Are

LRB Info Tech is one of the world's leading solution providers in the service and manufacturing industries. With our exceptional expertise in multiple software development platforms and the core embedded industry, we strive to be the best when it comes to reliability, quality and support.


What We Do

We constantly strive to innovate, perform and deliver, strategize and transform new businesses, helping to shape the new digital world. LRB Info Tech gives your business the viewpoint and outcome you want by delivering effective and high quality IT services and solutions. We are constantly striving to reinvent ourselves and deliver standardized solutions.


Our Mission

LRB provides a wide range of software development services for various business areas and industries with unmatched technology expertise. We partner with clients in ideation, design, development, deployment and long-term support. LRB Info Tech focuses on developing intelligent solutions for our clients with the highest quality and reliability.

Short Story About Our Company

Our Journey

Big corporations can afford to be boring. Because they have tons of money to buy brand awareness, but for small businesses and freelancers, life is different. We do not have that kind of money, so we have to intrigue our audience and inspire them to take action. Let us face it, we started 2015 with the inspiration to deliver a solution with the brand, but as freelancers, we should make a name for ourselves before we make money. No office, no money!

Ways to Fix

We did a logic of Left Right Brain as LRB where we focused more on logic/process and UI Exp. Since we were both only 22 years old, we rented a building as LRB INFO TECH (our first workplace). To start our development we had projects in hand but we were alone in the market where we did better without the sales/marketing team. Yes, this is a good way to explore the market.

Moving as Enterprise

It was the first time we commissioned an enterprise account for a banking solution! What problem are you solving? That was the question we were asked most often! Our vision of Enterprise changed the delivery to prevent uncontrolled access through the bank gateway - that was the success story that made us LRB's partner. The journey was the most intense time for us. It was a good place to work for the people who trusted us.

Moving beyond Limits saying YES!

LRB moves with the world for the first time... "Who are you to think you can take on such a big client ... You are just a small person in a small town!" But we cracked our first project with Telco - (Telecommunications) and delivered them the best solution that is in operation in the GCC market to date. That made us want to take it a step further. We are still working with them on 3 major projects in different regions.

Comfort Zone

We stepped out of our comfort zone and made an effort to explore the lead with them and say "yes" to their ideas. Trust them and work as a solid unit for the betterment of your ultimate "why." If you get too comfortable, you will not grow. Never stop learning, growing, working and absorbing everything around you. Do not waste time, never give up. This was our lesson for 2019.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Up to now, we are operating in 4 countries with a core project team on-shore and off-shore. We deliver the best solution and have implemented various technologies with a better team and the best team around the globe. We are constantly learning new innovations and evolving to achieve the dream we have built together. Right now, we have started to focus on both industries, products and core services.

Let Everyone Know Why We are the Best


What Our Customers Say about LRB INFO TECH

Mohamed Khalifa Al Falahi
Director of Information Technology
“It an young team to work on mobile app development and best web design company with good R&D on the modules helped us to make best solution. Working With them was good experience such a good team with good technology Stack. They commit with the delivery timeline.”
Ariston D’Souza
IT Manager
“Great Team to work for best commerce and web development company with they dedicate there time and efforts to make it success it was good experience with development time they kept the track of there each activity and reduced my job to follow up each task.”
Yasser Assad Abdulah Al Hajaj
E-commerce Channel Head / SVP
“فريق جيد للعمل معه أرى أنها أصول في الإمارات لمنظمتنا. أتمنى النجاح لهذا الصغار”
Ayesha Fatima Mohamed Ahmed
Procurement / Specailist
“While evaluating the company when the proposal was shared we felt some of them scope what we have asked and what they have given is diffrent but when we had meeting they said AS per the R&D they gave additional modules then what we expected and the team is more cost efficent . ”
Abdul Aziz A Shammas
Head of procurement and Finance affairs Section
“Best mobile app development in Abu Dhabi as of my exp they are cost effective and they have good delivery methods when it comes to project. Happy to work with them for future for Budget development and powerful.”
Mohamed Ibrahim R Al Sabbagh
Head of Research and studies section
“After working with LRB they have separate R&D team to answer all the query it was good exp for us to understands the methods they follow on IT to keep up the standard.”
Nabieh Hussein
Manger of Abu Dhabi university
“Good team to play with your inventory control they had made the major micro services and migrate us from DB with no Hassle.”
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