LRB practice a proven approach for the development of IOT systems.

It’s about connecting people, information, and the right things in the right way - with a focus on ensuring device and data security. IoT is a key driver of digital transformation and business innovation.
Our Practice
LRB approach is all about enabling the channel community around the opportunities that exist with IoT and making sure that they understand all of the key considerations of an IoT project and how LRB can bring the change in life with our capability & to facilitate all those different areas. We have been woring on Big Data with enterprise level.
Our Principal
We are early in the IoT lifecycle.This will likely not be the fastest sales cycle for products. Have a fresh and exciting conversation with customers Capture a massive shift in IT spending Become a subject-matter-expert early Promote having the business conversation with clients – going way up the value chain Increase the valuation - business growing recurring revenues
Our Study

Watch videos to know how we provide information across

The quick answer is yes. LRB is sure to structure job responsibilities, work activities and goals around expectations on core and IoT to ensure the desired results are met with our Client in Abu dhabi.

How It Works

Despite all its technical limitations, it laid ground to the concept of machine-to-machine communication (M2M), which, evolving gradually together with the advancements in connectivity solutions, gave birth to the idea of the Internet of Things as we know it today.

In the case of IoT, the most important feature one can consider is connectivity. Without seamless communication among the interrelated components of the IoT ecosystems.


We humans can naturally understand and analyze our circumstances easily based on our past experiences with various things or situations.

Active Engagements

IoT device connects various products, cross-platform technologies and services work together by establishing an active engagement between them.


IoT devices should be designed in such a way that they can be scaled up or down easily on demand. In general, IoT is being used from smart home automation.

Dynamic Nature

For any IoT use case, the first and foremost step is to collecting and converting data in such a way that means business decisions can be made out of it. In this whole process.


In almost every IoT use cases in today’s world, the data is used to make important business insights and drive important business decisions.


From end components to connectivity and analytics layers, the whole ecosystems demand a lot of energy. While designing an IoT ecosystem.


In almost every IoT use cases in today’s world, the data is used to make important business insights and drive important business decisions.


IoT integrates various cross-domain models to enrich user experience.It also ensures proper trade-off between infrastructure and operational costs.

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