Micro Services

LRB architectural style that structures an application as a collection of services.

We make sure how our application gets in shape with Highly maintainable and testable Loosely coupled Independently deployable Organized around business capabilities Owned by a small team.
Our Practice
The microservice architecture enables the rapid, frequent and reliable delivery of large, complex applications. It also enables an organization to evolve its technology stack. LRB develop multiple microservices concurrently. This means more developers working on the same app, at the same time, which results in less time spent in development.
Our Principal
Because your microservice-based apps are more modular and smaller than traditional, monolithic apps, the worries that came with those deployments are negated. This requires more coordination, which a service mesh layer can help with, but the payoffs can be huge. the whole app doesn’t go down, unlike the monolithic app model.
Our Study

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The central idea behind microservices is that some types of applications become easier to build and maintain when they are broken down into smaller, composable pieces which work together.

How It Works

Applications built as a set of modular components are easier to understand, easier to test, and most importantly easier to maintain over the life of the application. It enables organizations to achieve much higher agility and be able to vastly improve the time it takes to get working improvements to production. This approach has proven to be superior, especially for large enterprise applications which are developed by teams of geographically and culturally diverse developers.
Load Balancing

Safely scale out your app using advanced load balancing.

Faster Development

Deploy piece by piece without affecting other systems.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy piece by piece without affecting other systems.


Easier to develop & maintain.


Improve performance while reducing load on your app with flexible content caching.


Easily identify failures in service.

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