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Our Core development team is deigned to be perfect but also business ready from the date of delivery in Abu Dhabi.

Who We Are

Your existence matters to us & we make sure your Ideas Come true in digital world. The web application built by our highly qualified and skilled IT professionals includes everything from complex web-based internet applications, social networking development services other core services based on the requirment.


We first prepare a strategy according to our client’s requirement, then with a high level of research and consultation, an accurate plan for execution is draft. At last, some of the modules are shared with R&D Team for more research to bring scalable feature-rich application is developed in this whole process with diffrent modules and repatch it again toghter.

How We Do It

We Offer top-quality service at affordable prices. We make sure the best design fits with right price. Its Engaging with top technology team who value your time. Our Design team works on Core design to Make sure our Clients happy. Our consultant remains in interaction and with client and provide them every minute detail about the projects full transparency.

Easy Interaction

Our Word to our Clients! we provide Nth Number of integration to our client without any ChangeRequest(CR) thats makes us best in Abu dhabi.

Easy to Update

Do you control your application. Our console Management is very easy to control that helps our client to make an free move around the system to make CURD.

Attract Returning Customers

Make Them Come Back! We work with the base with UI / UX it makes the Customers to attract thats the reason LRB focus more on left and right brain.

Cost Efficiency

Think development! We think Cost! LRB in Abu dhabi works with Low Cost price compared from other market place.

Cross platform

Worried About the Enviorment! or Stack with Single Instance. Lets slove your issues we have helped enterprise account to move Cross Platform

Mobile-first interface

View matters. Be Ready when a lead searches you through an mobile, face is the index, Your View matters most. We make sure this when we test with the dual interface our team test with mobile Tablet other aspect as well.

Reporting & analytics

We make sure that you know your audience from where they visit the most, which page is targted by them how long they stay on your page.

Live chat

Our Application team integrate with NPL and NLU Bots as per the requirment to make sure the impact is high level.


All the security standard are considered while testing starting from L1 to L4. It means from login to TLS 2.0 and above.


Wonder What Technology We Work:

LRB Works with all class of technology based on the client request, Our Core R&D team would suggest the best for you. We make sure that our dedicated assistance at every step, you can attain these goals and come through with flying colors.
Requirement Gathering
Our Pre-sales Consulant in Abu dhabi is avilable to understand the development modules. He understands all the possibilites from the client to make sure smooth development phase.
Analysis Design
We sit with the pre sales team to understand & to Investigate the problem and requirements, rather than a solution. Design emphasizes a conceptual solution that fulfills the requirements, rather than its implementation.
Quick Demo
Development team provides the DEMO based on the requirment to the client for the confrimation on layouts, design, Modules. there will be static design templates for the development based on the requirment. Once the colour code is confired there will be accepteance stage then all the microservices and API are done.
In this segment team will have all the assets for the developent and design. LRB Development team configures this process in estimated time line to complete the layouts. the development is based on agil method technology so that the customer can change his modules in future if required. Based on the modules assets are moved in, We test the responsiveness at the stage and we have balance load conecpt where we hit the pages and track Network load speed and then its deployed for testing.
Testing / UAT
In this segment team will have all the developent and design document based on the stage 1 they will match the list. once the test phase is passed the application is moved to UAT for futher testing.
Go Live / Support
In this phase we make sure the smooth deployment from the UAT enviorment & client is covered under the Support where we fix the issues or any modules chnages based from the customer, Again we cover the CR as free of Cost from LRB.

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